Garlic Juice

People have been informed and were able to read articles on the benefits one can get from eating garlic especially the raw ones. Some people resisted trying it out since they knew that they cannot tolerate the smell of it more so the taste if they will eat it uncooked.

So what better way to make the most out of it and maximizing its health  benefits without having to actually eat it clove per clove? Juice it up, that’s what I say and here is how you will do that.

Pick out fresh garlic bulbs from the market or it would be much better if you will use your own home-grown if possible so you would at least be sure that it was grown using natural fertilizer. The number of bulbs would depend on how much garlic juice you want to extract.

Peel the skin of each clove before putting it in a blender and puree it. If a food processor or blender is not available, a garlic press may be used. To get the juice, strain the pureed garlic using a mesh strainer or a muslin cloth. To maximize the amount of juice you will get, use a spatula and press it over the pulp while collecting it in a bowl. Discard pulp once you can no longer get any juice. Strain the extract further by using a coffee filter so you will have a smooth feel with the juice when you drink it. Now, your garlic juice is ready for consumption. As for the rest of the extract, you can keep it in the refrigerator and use the next day.

See, the steps are as easy as 1-2-3, but the benefits you will get from it goes a long way. It will not only alleviate or help cure a disease, but is also a good way of preventing a lot of illnesses. So if you think that you really can’t take it, keep it mind all the things you can get from it, then just pinch your nose and drink it up until the last drop!

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