Cough and Sore Throat

Ever had an experience wherein you had to cough so hard that you almost peed on your pants? Or an instance when you literally wanted to scratch your throat just so you will be relieved of that itch?

Well, you are not alone for we have all been there and I believe you when you say it’s annoying. But, we also have to understand why this is happening and learn ways to alleviate that feeling.

Cough is a reflex initiated by the body to get rid of phlegm, foreign objects, microbes, and irritants from the throat. It can occur voluntarily or involuntarily. When an individual has a cough for a long time, it usually indicates something is wrong and it is most probably an illness. It is definitely not an occurrence to ignore since it can ruin a good mood, distract you from whatever it is your doing, interrupts your sleep, and can be embarrassing if you happen to cough nonstop around a large group of people.

Sore throat is also a common problem both in the young and old. Having a sore throat gives you a feeling of pain, itchiness or discomfort in the throat. It is usually caused by viruses including the culprit for mononucleosis, bacteria like streptococcus, flu, post nasal drip, and if occurring for more than two weeks could be an indication for cancer or AIDS.

Many of the known home remedies for cough and sore throat really help which includes drinking warm fluids, gargling with warm salt water several times in a day, using a humidifier, sucking on hard candies and throat lozenges, and finally using garlic in its various preparations.

One can make use of the garlic in treating cough and sore throat in so many ways. A garlic-based tea is easy to make. After having a drink or too, one can immediately notice its effects. It soothes the throat by reducing tissue inflammation thus also minimizing pain. Here is what you have to do: First, chop or mince garlic until it is really fine then boil water just like what you do when making tea. Next, add the chopped garlic to the boiling water and allow it to bathe in there so that you can have a really strong brew. After several minutes, finish it up by separating the garlic from the water and let it cool down. You can now drink it up while it is hot, but it is best to have it lukewarm.

Other ingredients may also be added to garlic to increase its potency, like honey which can be considered as its perfect partner since it is known to contain hydrogen peroxide, a natural antibacterial that helps in faster recovery. Here is how to prepare garlic honey: Put a cup of apple cider vinegar in a glass pot until warm, and then remove from heat. Combine the vinegar with freshly crushed garlic (make sure that it is newly pressed to be able to extract the substances needed) and let it cool down at room temperature. Remove garlic particles from the mixture using a strainer, add 1 and ¼ cups of honey to it and then simmer over low heat until it becomes as thick as syrup. To use it as a gargle, dilute it with water. To soothe your cough or sore throat, take two table spoons a day.

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