Garlic Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine? I’m pretty sure you have heard about it and maybe have tried using at least one of them. It is one of the greatest achievements in the medical field for it somehow helps one in reducing expenses when it comes to relieving and preventing illnesses. We have a long list of these so-called herbal medicines, but our focus in this site is the amazing garlic, which I guess is one of those that we can benefit a lot from.

Garlic has been around us long before it was discovered and since then it has been very useful in our kitchens and has continued to amaze us as the time passes by.  It is a member of the onion family Alliaceae (also called Allium Sativum in the scientific world) and is a close relative of onions, shallots, and chive. Aside from its medical and cooking benefits, garlic is also regarded as something that has to do with the good and evil forces.

It was believed that when Satan left the Garden of Eden, an onion arose from his right footprint and garlic on his left. Another belief is that it is a weapon against evil such as vampires, werewolves and demons making it one of the most widely used defenses in rural and isolated places against these creatures.

Aside from its superb help in making dishes taste better and more palatable, it has also been found to be of great use medically speaking, that of course after going through extensive researches. Garlic is known to lower blood pressure and to promote good blood circulation in the body. Another benefit would be its ability to aid in preventing and reducing infection.

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